Moving on up!

This year is going to be my year of moving forward.  As an artist, I have never had a problem with ideas for imagery, what to make next, or how I want to use a medium.  That has always felt like the easy part. I think that most people have at least one thing that comes naturally to them and feels effortless.  I am one of those folks who are lucky enough to have the kind of work that never feels like work. Until it does.

    The “business end” of being an artist is a challenge for me- I’m not gonna lie. Although I am generally a pretty organized person in my household, (yep, my drawers look like Marie Kondo’s) my computer files, desk, receipts, and photos are, um, NOT tidy.  Like, not at all. In fact I would venture to say that they are kind of shocking.

    I had been toying around with the idea of moving out of my small home-based studio into a larger, more public space.  But, I had mentally filed that away as “someday”, “maybe”, “when I’m more organized”. Well guess what, y’all. That someday is NOW!  I had a fantastic opportunity present itself to me, and sometimes life doesn’t hint- it just straight up tells you what to do. So, I am moving studios in February!

I will be sharing a space with Blue Heron Trio, a jazz ensemble that includes my brother in law and one of my closest friends.  What this means, practically speaking, is a space that can be open to the public for art hops, classes, workshops, and jazz listening parties. I will have a space that allows me to hang work, and create and store larger pieces. I can have a studio sale. I can work uninterrupted and undistracted by laundry… This is big.

What this also means, is that this is the year to organize the business end of things, and not just get by.  I’ve lived in the same house since my husband and I got married 25 years ago, and never having moved, I didn’t have to do any big purges.  Moving my studio is a perfect (if forced) catalyst to organizing my shit. I’m not about to pack up boxes of unfiled documents, that’s for sure!  
    I’m so looking forward to all the things this year has the potential to bring.  I will be posting updates to this blog regularly to keep everyone informed about progress in the new space, events that are happening, classes and workshops, exciting new news, as well as thoughts and ramblings about my work and art in general! Check out my Facebook and Instagram pages for images of paintings in progress, and quick updates.

Thanks for joining me here.  May we all put beautiful, thoughtful, and important things out into the world. May we share our human condition with one another in the hopes of making this sometimes confusing (and sometimes downright painful) place a tiny bit better.

The future studio! Alas, it does not come with the furniture…

The future studio! Alas, it does not come with the furniture…